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Q軟的香芋貝殼沙拉卷,鹹香一口接一口! Soft Taro Milk Bread Rolls

Q軟的香芋貝殼沙拉卷,鹹香一口接一口! Soft Taro Milk Bread Rolls-料理小課堂 輕鬆餐點製作教程

#麵包 #dinnerroll

1. 220~230C中層烤,烘烤15~18分(參考溫度時間,實際需要依照自己烤箱狀況調整),如果一整條500g模具吐司,可以參考180/200度左右中下層烘烤 30~35分鐘
2. 發酵標準的情況下,小麵包一般如果在十分鐘沒有表面上金黃色,表示你的爐火是偏低溫,可以購買烤箱溫度計去測試溫差,或下次烘烤要提供設定溫度。因為小麵包需要高溫短時間內烘烤出爐,彈性口感才會好。
3. 低溫冷藏16~20 hours發酵後,隔天冷藏取出後直接排氣整成一個緊緻的圓餅狀後鬆弛30mins(夏天可以放冷藏),鬆弛後再桿成厚度約1~2cm圓餅狀,分切八等分
4. 最後發酵參考時間為 60~90 mins,主要看溫度濕度狀態,如果要用發酵箱,建議溫度控制28C 內,溫度偏高發酵快,但是沒有拿捏好容易導致發酵過度,或是溫度太高導致斷筋的狀態,影響後續烘烤的出來的口感跟彈性,甚至就不會長大

麵團Dough: 可作8個小貝殼卷餐包
• 特高筋麵粉或高筋麵粉 (蛋白含量13.3%以上都可以)bread flour 225g
• 鮮奶油 heavy cream 30g
• 牛奶 milk 120g (麵粉不同需要調整牛奶用量,可以先保留一點不要全放,看麵團濕度再加入)
• 白糖caster sugar 4~5TBSP (喜歡甜度明顯可以加多一點)
• 鹽 salt ¾ tsp
• 耐高糖酵母粉 instant yeast 1 tsp
• 軟化黃油 30g
• 芋頭絲 steamed taro 135g (不要蒸太軟,我實際大火蒸 10~15分鐘左右,如果喜歡麵包裡有點口感的話)

• 美乃滋 mayonnaise 適量
• 熟芝麻 適量
• 全蛋液 egg wash少許刷表面用

料理小課堂 輕鬆餐點製作教程每日更新

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11 thoughts on “Q軟的香芋貝殼沙拉卷,鹹香一口接一口! Soft Taro Milk Bread Rolls”

  1. Hi Chef, I’m trying to make this now but the room temperature today is so warm (32 degrees celcius). Even though I chilled the dough for 90min before adding yeast and butter, I didn’t get to reach windowpane stage and the dough has already warmed up so I put it back into the fridge. What should I do next?

    1. Thanks for your reply. I had to keep putting the dough into the fridge for 10min and taking it out to beat for 4min each time, a total of 4 times before I finally reached windowpane. However, after cold fermenting for 16 hours in the fridge, the dough didn’t rise and it’s now rather stiff. I’m sure my yeast is active as I used it for your Japanese milk bread recipe two days ago. Do you know what went wrong? What should I do with the unrisen dough?

    2. If you can not adjust the refrigerator temperature, after 12 hours, you could bring to room temperature and let it fermentation until it’s double in size

    3. I redid the entire process with some of the learnings from my previous attempt and I’m so happy to say the bread turned out really well! Fluffy with a little chew and flavourful to eat on its own. Thanks so much for your prompt troubleshooting and tips, Chef!

  2. Hi Chef Whitney!
    Wanna ask if I can cut the taro into dice and toast it in oven instead of steam? If that works, how long and what is the temperature I should use?
    I’m gonna using this amazing recipe to make toast (my mum loves the bread i made which follow your recipe! A big thank you ?).

    1. If you wanna baked Taro, I m afraid it’s became dry texture , it effect the final bread texture. If you wanna baked taro dice and wrap into the dough ( final shaping process, I think it’s fine, try this recipe shaping method and baking taro ( but you still need to make sure the taro cook throughly )


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